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Gillette Scores a Home Run with Jeter’s “3,000th Hit” Social Display Campaign

Gilette - Jeter's 3000th Hit - 140 Proof

By Jon Elvekrog

How do you capitalize on one of the biggest live events in sports?  You harness the power of social display to spread your message across the social stream. 

P&G/Gillette’s long time spokesperson, Derek Jeter, attained one of baseball’s greatest accomplishments this month: 3,000 lifetime hits. To celebrate this historic milestone, Gillette devised a fantastic tribute to their spokesperson … allowing his fans to use Facebook and Twitter to put their message on a giant congratulations card on display in New York’s Grand Central Station. The Grand Central Station card would itself get a lot of foot traffic, but the Yankees and Jeter have a lot of fans across the country who also wanted to participate by digitally signing the card.

Leveraging Gillette’s considerable Facebook and Twitter presence was a great start to engage their existing followers and fans, but advertising is about engaging potential new customers, and that is where social display advertising steps in. Employing 140 Proof’s patented audience cluster matching system, Gillette was able to deliver their message about Jeter’s amazing milestone to millions of fans in the social stream … fans who are looking for the latest information in the perfect discovery platform … the real time stream.

Needless to say, the engagement was outstanding.  Fans were responding at a rate, orders of magnitude higher than typical digital media platforms.

If you want to find out more or to create your own real time phenomena, please give us a call or a tweet!

August 10, 2011 - 3 years ago

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Social Ad Innovation - Video Case Study

Static case studies are so last year. Check out 140 Proof’s newest success story in a great new video!

watch in HD!

140 Proof teamed up with a tech news team to build buzz around their latest announcement. What resulted from the campaign was engagement rates above and beyond their wildest expectations! Check out the video and contact us to find out how we can do the same thing for your brand.

October 10, 2011 - 3 years ago

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Another Satisfied Customer:

Compliments from one of our Chicago customers:

“Awesome swag from @140proof to help get around the new floor quicker!”

Happy to help! 

140 Proof Skateboard

October 13, 2011 - 3 years ago

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AMC Feasts on Fresh Social Strategy

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AMC Achieves Spine-Tingling Performance for Walking Dead Premiere

Walkers are back. The AMC zombie TV series “The Walking Dead” debuted its second season to critical and fan acclaim in October, ravaging basic cable records and biting off a third season commitment from AMC. TargetCast and 140 Proof partnered to promote the show in the social stream, achieving performance twice the network average.


140 Proof Engages Zombie-Focused Personas

AMC and its agency of record, TargetCast, sought to target the 18-34 demographic to grow awareness around the season premiere. 140 Proof took the plan a step further, adding interest-based targeting to reach AMC fans, zombie fans, and Halloween fanatics in the social stream. 

The campaign drove social stream users to watch a 30 second trailer for the premiere, and users on smartphones were treated to a fast, native video experience within their social apps.

"The Walking Dead" Breaks Broadcast Records

The season premiere of “The Walking Dead” drew 7.3 million viewers, breaking a basic cable record for the 18-49 demographic.

140 Proof and TargetCast have teamed up to promote three other winning dramas for AMC: Breaking Bad, The Killing, and the newly-launched Hell on Wheels. Since AMC began investing in original programming in 2006, net ad sales revenue has grown 76% and affiliate revenue has increased 49% (Adweek).

Read more about the social strategy for AMC shows on MediaPost »

December 9, 2011 - 2 years ago

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140 Proof Customer Spotlight: Chevy Launches Smartphone and Tablet Super Bowl Apps

At 140 Proof, we’ve been working with Chevrolet on dozens of campaigns. For the 2011 Super Bowl, we were delighted to be part of Chevrolet’s success, and Chevrolet has even bigger ambitions for the 2012 game: mobile games.

Today, Chevrolet announced they’re releasing the Chevy Game Time app for smartphones and tablets, and the app hits Android and iOS app stores this Sunday. Chevy Game Time quizzes football fans about game broadcasts, teams, and in-game commercials for the chance to win one of thousands of prizes (including a free Chevy, of course).

For more info, watch the video on YouTube.

January 19, 2012 - 2 years ago

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Customer Spotlight: Starcom

The Starcom team and the 140 Proof team have built up a great partnership, and we’re delighted to see them get much-deserved praise from AdAge in their “10 Standout Shops" list:

It’s been a booming new-business year for Publicis’ Starcom, as the firm continues to embrace the paid, owned and earned trifecta. Contributing to its 14% growth in revenue, the firm won A-B InBev, Burger King, Novartis and a portion of the billion-dollar-in-billings Microsoft account. It also brought in smaller pieces of business such as Universal Parks and Groupon.

We’re looking forward to an exciting 2012, as we work to help Starcom’s customers succeed in the social stream. Cheers!

January 27, 2012 - 2 years ago

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Elements of an Award-Winning Paid Social Campaign #1: Own an Event

This post is part of our series The 7 Essential Elements of an Award-Winning Paid Social Campaign.

#1: Own an Event.

Take advantage of the natural excitement that builds in social in advance of a major event — whether it’s a televised award show, a sports championship, or a major holiday. Get in front of the customer with a relevant message just when buzz peaks.

ESPN won iMedia’s Campaign of the Year by blitzing social media in advance of the 2011 NFL Draft, making the most of football fans’ excitement that the long-delayed draft had finally arrived. ESPN’s ads on Twitter and Facebook earned them 7 new followers a second and performance 67% above the average social advertising campaign.

There are three ways to choose the right time for a brand campaign:

1. Sponsor a major annual event, or tag along for the ride. Big brands can get in front of affluent consumers by sponsoring a televised event and touting the connection. However, a younger brand like a mobile app startup can take advantage of buzz without sponsorship — for example, make a splash alongside the latest Apple keynote by choosing the right Twitter and Facebook media to get the message out. 

2. Time the promotion to the buying rhythms and the context of your customer. If your target customer is the 19 year old college student, should your big social push be at end of summer, when students prepare to return to school, or are you the european vacation company that makes its promotions around graduation time? 

3. Respond with lightning speed to unexpected events. For example, political teams are expert at responding to current events, and they can use social advertising to magnify their message and shape public opinion.

Performance counts, and perfect timing makes a campaign a better success story for awards show judges. 

Next read about Element 2: Get the Audience Involved

March 12, 2012 - 2 years ago

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BBQ and Baseball with Razorfish SF

Last week, we were honored to host guests from Razorfish, Spark PR, and Schox PLC to 140 Proof for some bbq and baseball. Everyone met up at the San Francisco HQ office for grillables and 21st Amendment brew before heading off to watch the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals 7-5.

Thanks to our friends for a great evening!

Update: thanks TaskRabbit for choosing our Grillmaster task as task of the week!

May 21, 2012 - 2 years ago

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