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Gillette Scores a Home Run with Jeter’s “3,000th Hit” Social Display Campaign

Gilette - Jeter's 3000th Hit - 140 Proof

By Jon Elvekrog

How do you capitalize on one of the biggest live events in sports?  You harness the power of social display to spread your message across the social stream. 

P&G/Gillette’s long time spokesperson, Derek Jeter, attained one of baseball’s greatest accomplishments this month: 3,000 lifetime hits. To celebrate this historic milestone, Gillette devised a fantastic tribute to their spokesperson … allowing his fans to use Facebook and Twitter to put their message on a giant congratulations card on display in New York’s Grand Central Station. The Grand Central Station card would itself get a lot of foot traffic, but the Yankees and Jeter have a lot of fans across the country who also wanted to participate by digitally signing the card.

Leveraging Gillette’s considerable Facebook and Twitter presence was a great start to engage their existing followers and fans, but advertising is about engaging potential new customers, and that is where social display advertising steps in. Employing 140 Proof’s patented audience cluster matching system, Gillette was able to deliver their message about Jeter’s amazing milestone to millions of fans in the social stream … fans who are looking for the latest information in the perfect discovery platform … the real time stream.

Needless to say, the engagement was outstanding.  Fans were responding at a rate, orders of magnitude higher than typical digital media platforms.

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August 10, 2011 - 3 years ago

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