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Q1 2011 Insights (Part 3 of 3) — The Publisher Landscape

The Publisher Landscape

Whew, take a breath, Q1 is in the books! Time for another quarterly report around what is happening for Advertisers and Publishers on our Network of Twitter and other social stream related sites, apps and services. Below we’ll report on the following:

Part I. Top Advertiser Verticals in Q1

Part II. Campaign Insights and Performance — what works and why 

Part III. The Publisher Landscape — the stream is everywhere:

Gonna talk about two probably not completely obvious things below in the world of publishers and placements and inventory …

1. Why our targeting and placements perform 10x alternatives for our publishers 

First Topic: We are seeing strong performance across all campaign types, very happy brands and customers.  Our targeting is reaching the audience they seek because, duh, it turns out that Persona Targeting works! But, that is not all.  It doesn’t matter how targeted an ad is for me or you — it also matters whether we are in the proper context to engage.  That is, if I am deep in a New York times article about how sugar is toxic and killing me — I am not down with engaging a distracting ad.  But, what if I am consuming streams — the constant torrent of updates from Twitter and Facebook and Foursquare and my social graph and on and on — 70% of which have links?  That is, what if I am in discover and share and engage mode — “social” mode vs. “read 10 page NYT article mode”?  Well, now that well targeted ad from 140 Proof is just another relevant message that I am psyched to discover and share — and I do — I take a click action from the ad just like I take a click action from someone I’m connected to who suggests I might want to check out X or Y or Z.  Targeting + Context = Performance.

2.  Why Twitter’s attempt to spank the ecosystem is good for 140 Proof 

  • The brooh-hah highlighted that half of Twitter usage (if not more) still occurs outside of and Twitter “official” apps and services and it is the half of the most active and engaged users.  So our door was beaten down by advertisers/marketers who thought reaching this audience — the ecosystem that we work with — was a good idea vs. reaching some combination

  • These brands compared the value/efficiency of 140 Proof buys vs. and, uh, are coming back for more.  We guarantee impressions, sell on CPC/CPM models they are used to, don’t make them “Tweet” their ads and otherwise negatively co-mingle their paid with pure earned/owned Tweets.  

  • The ecosystem continued to pivot away from a pure-play “same as” level of innovation that is about aggregation of social and real-time from multiple sources — Twitter is just one.  Will Twitter own social/real-time updates on the scale of Google and Facebook walled gardens?  Doesn’t look like it.  Love Twitter, but these horses have left the barn and don’t want to come home.  The more Twitter builds up the walls ex post facto — the more entire exploding segments (hello group texting!) bag its unpredictable closed system altogether.  Classic platform trade-offs, god love an open world.  

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Posted by Andy Scott

April 26, 2011 - 3 years ago

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