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Why Tumblr Is Important for Brands


Tumblr is currently the #13 website on the Internet, with over 8 billion page views per month. Last year, it gained notoriety as one of the biggest platforms in social.

But how should brands be looking at Tumblr? Is there a benefit to a paid presence there?

Tumblr Is the Home of Teens and Millennials

Tumblr’s audience is young and smart. According to Quantcast, Tumblr indexes very highly for people aged 18-24. Most of Tumblr’s visitors have been to college, too. And while most visitors currently make less than $50k, that’ll change. Any brand who wants to reach teens or Millennials should be considering how to reach them through Tumblr.

Youth-friendly brands have already started building their owned Tumblr presences. Brands from luxury and mass market verticals alike have jumped in. Kate Spade, Adidas, NBA, Spotify, Whole Foods, Audi, and Land Rover are already on Tumblr, to name a few. 

Don’t other social platforms already have plenty of young people (and great ad options)?

imageYoung people, who, by virtue of being college students, were the ONLY people on Facebook ten years ago, are too old to be teens or Millennials now. Then older folks, the moms and dads and aunts and grandpas, have joined Facebook too. No offense to moms and grandpas, but young people looking for spaces to make their own are emigrating to other platforms like Tumblr. 

There are also some signs that Millennials and teens have been slower to join Twitter than other age groups. Just this past week, Garry Tan, the co-founder of Posterous, informally surveyed over one thousand people and found that teens are using Tumblr more than Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Be Heard Above the Noise

Facebook is crowded. Most major brands (and their competitors) have already created Facebook Pages and tested Facebook advertising. Facebook noted in its 2012 SEC filing that over four million businesses had created Facebook Pages. And while Tumblr has many respected and forward-thinking companies on its platform, the brand adoption rate hasn’t yet exploded. Brands are likely to be heard on Tumblr simply by virtue of the higher share of voice they’ll enjoy. (Before everyone else finds out about it, that is.)

Paid Options for Tumblr

While companies are working to figure out how their own Tumblrs (or “Tumblelogs”) might look, brands can now reach teens and Millennials through more traditional means like advertising. 140 Proof offers brands the opportunity to reach this up-and-coming audience through its Native Ads for Social Sites program.

140 Proof helps brands place advertising on Tumblr sites the same way they place more traditional display or other social advertising. This paid option allows brands to test Tumblr strategies before making an investment in owned Tumblr properties. 

(We’ve always been big fans of Tumblr: it’s the backbone of the 140 Proof Blog!)

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January 24, 2013 - 1 year ago

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