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6 Ways Brands Can Become More “Likeable”


Matt Rosenberg, VP of marketing at Taykey, recently published a new article for businesses trying to figure out Facebook’s byzantine privacy and brand management controls.

It’s called 6 Ways Brands Can Become More Likable, and we recommend you read it. Now. It covers key principles of durable community growth, like:

  • Asking people to content rather than companies
  • Planning to listen, rather than just talking
  • Not offering coupons and deals in exchange for “Likes”
  • Targeting ads in smarter ways, e.g. using the Blended Interest Graph
  • Making creative that’s as dynamic as your fans
  • Giving up obsessing over the dollar value of a “Like”
  • Giving users more control of brand relationships
Check out the full piece here at iMedia Connection.

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January 23, 2013 - 1 year ago

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