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The Savvy Media Buyer Scavenger Hunt


Everybody knows you’re smart. Now get the shirt to prove it.

We’ve started advertising to our customers in two of our biggest markets, NYC and Chicago, with our first out-of-home campaign. And we’d like to know if we reached you. Put yourself on the map and get the Savvy Media Buyer t-shirt!

All you have to do is send us a photograph of you with one of our outdoor ads, and we’ll send you our brand new t-shirt, designed just for the smartest of smart media buyers.


  • What to send: A photo of yourself with an 140 Proof outdoor ad, along with the general location where you took the photo
  • Where to send it: our Twitter account @140proof, our Facebook Wall, or just to
  • What you’ll get: a brand new limited edition media buyer t-shirt in your size (cut in men’s and women’s styles)

P.S. we’ll follow up with you for a mailing address when your shirt is ready.

Check out the map below for hints at where you might find 140 Proof ads.


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